Saturday, June 18, 2011

Going to the Zoo Builds Character

Guess what III got to do yesterday?? Yes, I got to go the zoo. My best friend and I biked to the park where the zoo is and then walked around for an hour. It was pretty fun seeing all those animals. But one thing I noticed was how much character those animals have...

Hey, you can see my reflection in the glass..
There's some lazy lions lolling on the... shelf thingamajig. Maybe they have a larger version of the character of my cat, Venus:

See, it isn't blogging that's keeping me from writing! ... ahem...
 Yup, that there is one lazy lion. My cat Venus has quite a character. She is in love with first and foremost, my dad (she butts him in the face with her furry little head and then curls up on his chest and walks over his face at night and if he pets her then she starts purring. She even climbed up a stepladder to be with him a few times) and then second, the vacuum. When I was vacuuming the other day, she was rolling around and purring near the suctiony part. She loves it. Oh, she also loves to get wet. She comes running every time my dad gets the contact solution out.

Okay... maybe the lions don't have quite the same character as Venus...

Yeah, that's a peacock up on that shelter thing. Can you say show off? In addition to having that gorgeous shimmery blue neck and a huge fan of patterened feathers attached to their butt, they have to perch on top of things and squawk at us as if we were peasants to their king.

Oh, and to add in some random facts about peacocks because people should be educated about such things: a female peacock is not actually a peacock; she's a peahen and the entire species is called peafowl. And since they supposedly roost in trees, I'm guessing they do fly. So apparently it was mating season when I was at the zoo because those peafowl were squawking all over the place. Listen to some peafowl squawking here. 

Um, I think I'll let you make up some characterization for the flamingo. I just wanted to put a picture in because I think it's funny to stand on one leg to sleep. I advise you try it sometime...hmm.

 That's a monkey, in case you couldn't figure it out. And boy do those guys have lots of character. They like to show off too, in a performance sort of way, swinging back and forth with their long arms at the top of their cage with their cute little baby clinging to their fuzzy chest. It was also interesting seeing the little baby monkeys get trampled many times by the older monkeys... It's like my dad with my two years younger brother: "Well, you need to toughen up anyway. Wimp." *punches my brother in the gut*

If you ever have posture problems, find a bald eagle. They have it down: shoulders back, head straight, feet shoulder width apart...

I think these little guys were the best characters of all. Everywhere we walked in the zoo we saw another prairie dog, chirping and speeding away or somersaulting over one of their buddies. They grew on me, so much so that I think they could feel that I liked them, so consequently thought only one thing: Food??

Those are my shoes... yeah, they got pretty close. Don't worry,
they didn't eat us (like my friend thought might happen).
Unfortunately, I had no food so instead they scampered back into their holes and proceeded to chirp-scream at us until we left.

So this post was not so I could show you pictures of my trip to the zoo, o' course (ahem... well) but because I wanted to tell you that if you ever have problems building a character, you should go to the zoo to find some ideas there.

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