Sunday, June 26, 2011

(Synonyms for Random Go Here) Post

Last night, instead of doing anything sensible or productive like sleeping, I decided to read through archives of funny blogs like this one and this one. (I came to the conclusion that computers should have the ability to have their screen rotated so I can lie in bed with my head on pillow to read blogs, instead of twisting my neck awkwardly all the time).

I was reading one particularly funny post and I suddenly could not stop laughing out loud. (Usually I do not laugh out loud at things. Instead I’ll just go “Haha that’s funny!” but not actually physically laugh). Anyway, my laughter at 10:30 PM last night caused my sister to wake up and go “TURN THE SCREEN DOWN”, even though the brightness (of the computer screen) was already at its minimum (which I reminded her of, and she promptly fell back asleep.)

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that all these funny posts made me want to tell a random story, so I decided I’d talk about last year in French class when my French teacher made the class believe that there was a subway system in our school.

It started with a janitor driving by the classroom in a... I don’t know the name of it, but it is a thing that the janitors drive around, and it cleans the floor. Anyway, this thing makes loud rumbling noises when it goes down the hallway, and it also beeps.

One of the more gullible students in my class asked what the sound was, and my French teacher decided she was going to have some fun and told the student that it was the school’s subway.

My French teacher went on to piece the puzzle together, saying that the nametag IDs that all the teachers have to wear on a lanyard around their neck were actually subway passes so the teachers could use the subway, because the subway actually goes to all other schools in the division.

There is also a main staircase in my school that has stairs going down the basement that nobody uses (unless you are going down to store musical props) because there aren’t any classes in the basement, and my French teacher said that those stairs actually lead down to the subway platform.

So I’m just sitting there, laughing along with my French teacher (and some other guy in my class who decided to get in on the joke and backed up everything Madame said) while she tried to trick this one gullible student (and actually ended up tricking more than one).

Then all of a sudden my imagination is, well, imagining this subway that connects all the schools in the division, and I can see teachers using it, and I’m like whoa that’s so cool why didn’t I know about this before that’s so cool!!

Of course, in the back of my head (the part that wasn’t asleep from being in school all day) was going THIS MAKES NO SENSE. For one thing, there is a teacher’s parking lot, and I see all the teacher’s cars there, like, every day when I walk through the parking lot to get into the building. I also knew that the rumbling/beeping was coming from the janitor tractor-mop thing, because I’d seen it before, and I also knew that schools being cheap as they are would never put in money for a subway system.

Also, my city doesn’t even have a subway system, so WHY WOULD MY SCHOOL???

Yeah. We still joke about it. *rumbling of janitor’s tractor-mop* “Oh! There goes the subway!”

In other news, I have received my first blog award from this guy and I am now apparently supposed to dole it out to some other people which I think I will figure out later because I would rather you be dwelling on the ridiculousness of having a subway in a school (and me believing it) than my accomplishments.

Thank you!


  1. ZOMG Why are your posts so cool? Imagination Nation ftw :) I can just see that subway station.

  2. Haha, thanks! Maybe my posts are cool because I have cool people that post awesome comments on them??? Haha. :D

  3. Another good post. You may want to try Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right/Up/Down on your laptop if rotation is enabled in the display properties.


  4. Haha, this is like the "swimming pool on the roof" story they tell at my school...Seniors try to get freshmen to pay them $20 for tickets. XD

  5. Oh, nice... does anyone ever fall for it?


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