Monday, June 27, 2011

Three Types of Night Readers

If you read before you go to sleep, then you *might* find yourself in one of these categories:

*ahem* We interrupt our regular programming to bring you two unexpected things that just happened.

One: my dad just asked "Is that where you live if you're a hermit, a hermitage?" Ahem. I do not think he is correct, but you may back him up with websites or encyclopedias if you'd like (or prove him wrong).

Two: I just found a text document on my desktop that seemed to be an e-mail about the federal government of Nigeria... but actually now that I look at again I think it's one of those spam things that tries to get you to give money (although why it is copied into a text document on my desktop I have no idea).

*ahem* We now return to our regular programming.

THREE TYPES OF NIGHT READERS (aka people who read before they go to sleep)

1. The Practical One
This would be me, most of the time. I take a book into bed after a long day, stretch out, relax, and get into the story. After my eyelids begin to droop, I glance at the page number, chuck the book I'm reading on the floor and proceed to ponder over the events of the book for another half hour before I go to sleep. (Well, I ponder while my brain takes off on rabbit trails.) Or maybe if it's really good, I'll go to the end of the chapter or more likely, go until I stop at a page where there are no cliff-hangers.

2. The All-Night Reader

This is when the release date comes of a book you have been waiting for FOREVER, and you go out the day of the release and buy the book and you just want to DEVOUR that book. You start reading as you walk away from the cash register at the book store, and don't even stop when you get home. You don't even realize you get into bed because the story is so good and then you're just reading, reading the night away and the book is over. And when you've finished the book, you heave a big sigh as if you've just run a marathon, and you look up. The sun is just coming up, and you suddenly realize you are dead tired. But you've hit The End in the book, so it's okay now if you sleep.

3. The Face Planter

Wow, looking at all these pictures of people sleeping
made me tired... (and this isn't my cat)
You read, and you're really into it and your eyes are drooping but you just can't put the book down, not yet not when all this interesting stuff is happening. Well, apparently all that stuff wasn't so interesting after all, because the next thing you know you're lifting your head off some pages and you've got a book ink tattoo all over your face. Yup, you fell asleep while reading. When you finally lose the world to dreamland, you do a faceplant right into your book. Every night.

So which one are you? Practical? All-nighter? Faceplanter?

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  1. Lately I'm the the Practical One. When the 7th HP book came out I stayed up until about 2 in the morning for two days and then read it all day to finish it. When Mockingjay came out I didn't need to pull an all-nighter because I got it in the morning, read it all day, and finished it in the evening.

    When I was younger I was the Faceplanter but now I can stay awake longer and I don't need as much sleep. :)

  2. I'm a practical all-nighter. I'll read something, fully intending on it just being something to do for a short while, and then I have to binge and finish it (IF it's really, really good, that is). So mostly practical, sometimes bleeding into all-nighter territory.

  3. I'm the Practical One, and sometimes I wish I could just read a book all night but I get way too tired!! Haha. :D By the way, thanks for the comments everyone.

  4. I'm a combination of the first two, depending on the book! :)

  5. It depends on the book! And how suspenseful the story is. I pulled an almost all-nighter reading Salem's Lot (a Stephen King novel and the scariest freaking vampire book I've ever read), which I couldn't put down and go brush my teeth for the simple reason that I was too terrified to get out of bed. So yeah. Lol, I reached a less-scary part and stopped reading then, around 2 or 3 am...

    Also, I'm a new follower! My blogname is laurathewise, and my website is Hi! :)

  6. Haha, gotta love reading scary books at night.

    And welcome new follower!! Hope you will enjoy all future posts. :D

  7. I am definitely the all-nighter. I WISH I could be the practical one when it comes to my nightly reading, but I just can't. If I pick up a book at night and it's really good, then I just can't put it down.

    I try to tell myself that there's no rush and the book will still be there in the morning, but it never works. I always end up slouching in the corner with a pack of AAA batteries next to me for my book light.

  8. That's awesome. :) I think I need a book light... my sister always complains when I have my reading light on too late.

  9. lol, I'm probably the all-nighter. but i saty up until 6 in the morning during the summer anyways, so...


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