Friday, June 17, 2011

Teen Writers Summer Blogfest

Okay I am going to QUICKLY tell you a bunch of things before I zoom off to my youth group to sleep overnight with those peoples at my church (it's a lot funner than you think).

1. I am going to participate in the Teen Writers Summer Blogfest where a bunch of teens are going to write some posts and stuff from July 1- 9. I am very excited about this! Also, if you are a teen, go to the link and definitely consider signing up!!!!

2. I went to the zoo today, and I took a bunch of pictures of the animals!! And I am going to post about them later, probably tomorrow or Sunday.

3. I am very frustrated but blogger is not letting me see my followers anywhere... so if you're new here/a new follower, comment or e-mail me (kazuntai101[at]gmail[dot]com) so I can get to know you or check out your blog!!!




  1. Thanks for the mention, Gracie!

  2. The Teen Writers Summer Blogfest seems awesome! I'll have to check it out. Have fun at the youth group sleepover, those are always fun. :D

  3. @Brittany: No problem!

    @Madeline: The sleepover was fun!! No sleep, however, but lots of fun. :D And you should definitely check out the blogfest!

  4. I'm sorry blogger is being weird. I think I'm a newer follower.

  5. Okay, cool! Welcome then, and I hope you will enjoy all my future posts. :D


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