Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So There Are These Things Called Blogs...

If you haven't read my latest post yet, then click through and do that, because I was very excited about my idea for that post for a long time and only recently got the chance to write it (because of being away, blogfest, etc).

So... awhile ago I got a blog award:

from another blogger (and teen. and writer. yes, I am saying go check out his blog) called Nick Hight. On a blog post I wrote awhile ago, I quickly said I would dole it out later... and yeah, now I'm doing it... a LOT later.

Anyway, what I'm going to do is just post a list of some of my favourite blogs and then if the bloggers read this, they can take the award or just do what they please. :)

Some of my favourite blogs in the blogosphere

aleeza reads and writes, the fun blog of teen writer Aleeza Rauf. I enjoy her fun quirkiness that is present in all of her blog posts, and she's really friendly too. I even interviewed her here.

This blog is the blog of a children's author Lynn Kelley. She is really, really funny. I've only read three of her posts, but all of them are fun and have made me smile or laugh.

My Life As A Teenage Novelist is the blog of teen writer Brigid Gorry-Hines. She's really cool, too, and all of her posts that I've read so far have given me something to think about, as well as being interesting.

Shrinking Violet Promotions is a site that helps introverts market their book. They have awesome posts to encourage introverts in their writing and publishing journey, as well as some really good, in-depth posts about different aspects of writing. Even if you're not an introvert like me, you should still check out their posts. They are always in-depth and helpful.

WORD for Teens is a book review blog, and it is definitely my favourite of all the book review blogs out there. And, it's run by a teen! (What? I'm not biased at all... *ahem*)

I also enjoy YA Highway, Emilia Plater, Kate Hart, and Corrine Jackson. There are lots of other sites I enjoy as well, and I'll definitely add more to the list once I continue reading and finding blogs!

What are your favourite blogs, writing/reading or other?


  1. Wow, what a surprise to see my blog listed as one of your favorites! You made my day, Gracie! I'll list some of my favorite blogs just like you did when I do a post about the award. I received a couple other awards that I still haven't posted about, so I'll do them together and make it fun. I hope! By the way, I'm so glad you added the link about your overactive imagination post because I missed that one, and it made me laugh out loud. Good one!

  2. Aw, thanks for the mention! <3


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