Monday, July 4, 2011

Teen Writers Summer Blogfest: Interview with Cool Person Aleeza Rauf

HEY! Guess what I am SO EXCITED because this is the VERY FIRST EVER interview that I did for this blog. Yes, I know, it is very surprising that I actually had the courage to go out there and take the initiative to e-mail and ask for an interview from the lovely, cool blogger called Aleeza Rauf. Go over to her blog to check out more of her lovely coolness...

Here's a snippet from her profile "about me":

 I’m a Pakistani-American YA writer & avid reader. I love libraries, cricket, Pepsi & Gatorade, long drives, NEW ZEALAND!, among lots of other stuff. Oh, and I’m aiming to become an accountant in case my novels don’t bring in sufficient income. If they get published, that is. (Yeah, that was me trying to be funny. #epicfail.)

1. How old are you?

17 and a half.

2. Where are all the places you have lived in your life? What is it like living in Pakistan?

I've only lived in two places, actually! Houston, Texas, and Karachi, Pakistan. As to what it's like living in Pakistan...hmm, it's kind of conflicting. While I love my country, I don't exactly enjoy living here. It's just really violent, and don't even get me started on how much I despise the narrow-minded society!

3. When and how did you start writing?

I've always been into books, so writing one seemed like a neat idea. I always wrote short stories, essays, etc. But I got serious about it at thirteen, I think.

4. What is your favourite thing about writing?

For one thing, I love how writing is a craft and you can always improve at it. I used to suck so bad at it, I almost gave up! But after writing lots of more crap, I finally got to a point where I could read what I'd written and not want to trash it all away. Another thing I love is being able to get absorbed into a story, working out the kinks...and seeing how it all comes together in the end.

5. What is the best advice you've ever heard (or ever given) about blogging and/or writing?

About blogging, it would have to be 'blog because you love it.' That probably sounds very basic, but I'd hate to blog only because it's a social media requirement and not because I love doing it.

And for writing... Honestly, I think it's 'read as widely as you can.' I've read, like, eighty-five books already this year! And they have helped me SO much as a writer, in terms of writing, storytelling, plot... So yeah. READ! As much as you can.

Of course, WRITE as much as you can too. I don't think I'd have gotten where I am now had I not wrote all those crappy novels.

6. What is the best thing that's happened to you as far as writing and blogging goes?

Meeting so many amazing people, definitely! As for writing, I still have to finish my book, so as soon as I do that, that will definitely be the best thing I've accomplished.

7. What are your top five favourite writing sites/blogs?

Only 5! Wow, this is gonna be hard...

1) Stephanie Perkins' blog: Not only do I LOVE these authors books (like, a lotlotlotlot), but I also adore how charming the author is herself! She doesn't blog all that regularly, but that's fine with me, because her posts are totally worth it.

2) Kiersten White's blog: Kiersten White! 'Nuff said.

3) Nathan Bransford's blog: NB might not be an agent anymore, but he's still incredibly helpful.

4) Steph Bowe's blog: This Steph doesn't blog all that often, either. But I'm always looking forward to her posts as well.

5) YA Highway: YA Highway is SO helpful in terms of writing, and guiding you to other helpful posts for writing. I love this blog.

8. If you were asking someone questions and you had to ask a really random question about anything, what would you ask?

I...have no idea. 'What is your favorite hair color?' That's random, innit? Also, lame. I could ask them 'Where do you want to die?' but that's too morbid. Basically, I suck at random questions.

Thanks for interviewing me, Gracie! :)

It's no problem!! Now go check out Aleeza's blog if you haven't already, and also if you were asking someone random questions, what would you ask?


  1. Loved this interview. How wonderful that you started writing so young. I know it will be an amazing journey.

  2. Great interview! My random question is "If you were a (insert anything), what kind of (insert same word as before) would you be?"

    Such as:

    *If you were a piece of clothing, what would you be?
    *If you were a flavor of ice cream, what would you be?
    *If you were a writing utensil, what would you be?

    Yeah, those are kind of weird, but sometimes you can get really creative answers!

  3. ohmygod my first interview ahhh! i'm so nervous it was actually sorta hard to read it, just in case i sound like a bumbling idiot or something. ha!

    thanks so much for doing this, gracie! eh, wait, i said that already. still, thanks! :)

  4. Great interview~ thanks Aleeza and Gracie!

  5. Yay! Thanks everyone, it was really fun.


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