Friday, April 4, 2014

C is for Corked by Kathryn Borel

I originally heard about this book on my favourite literary podcast, Literary Disco. They actually had the author on as a guest, and she talked about this memoir she'd written about her and her father taking a wine-tasting tour through France. In the informal interview they did on Literary Disco, Kathryn Borel talked about how strangely, the book had brought her family closer rather than farther apart like sometimes happens when authors write books about real people. I thought that was interesting, so I decided to put it on my TBR.

Or... maybe I just checked the book out because the author is Canadian.

But it was good!

At first, I wasn't really sure where the story was going. It just seemed like a whole bunch of random unconnected stories that were really only semi-interesting. Thankfully, it quickly got interesting and the threads of random story connected in unexpected and refreshing ways.

I loved the narrator's voice, and her outlook on her life. It wasn't too heavy-handed or too snarky, just uniquely human. There was quite a few lines that made me laugh out loud.

I loved the voice, and it was probably my favourite part, but I did also fall in love with the atypical family road trip story of it. It was just such a strange, different, unique story I had to love it. I also really appreciated that the biggest relationship dynamic was between her and her father. (Really I'm just a big sucker for family stories. Give me all of the family stories!)

I also love learning about new topics, and this book definitely made learning about wine and wine-tasting interesting. It's the first time I've really had any interest in learning more about wine. It's definitely a book about a lot more than wine, though, and that is what in my opinion makes it good.

The feelings I was left with when I finished were sadness, because it was over, and happiness because it was just that nice of a story.

If you like France, wine, Canadians, memoirs, refreshing narrators, or me, buy this book!

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