Monday, April 28, 2014

Q is for Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta

Do you really have to read this review? If you follow me anywhere, whether it be here, Twitter or Tumblr, you know exactly who my favourite author is.

But there is a reason Melina Marchetta is my favourite author, and that is because she is AWESOME.

Quintana of Charyn was PERFECT. I loved it. I could not stop thinking about it for days after I read it (always a good sign).

My favourite thing about Melina Marchetta is how good she is at creating characters. There are so many awesome characters in the Lumatere Chronicles, but they are complete and complex and they all have their own story and relationships and wants and needs. You become a part of all of these character's stories, and you root for all of them. A fellow Marchetta fan on Tumblr said once that "there are no minor characters in Marchetta" and that is so true. She is SO brilliant at giving an entire life to each of her characters, which in turn makes them all significant (and also makes you fall in love with all of them). Aside from plot and such, I just wanted to read Quintana of Charyn to stay a part of these character's lives for a little bit.

MM also knows her fantasy. The world of Skuldenore that she's created for the Lumatere Chronicles is so complex and intricate, I had no idea where the plot was going the entire time. But I wasn't really paying attention because I just wanted to spend time with the characters if I'm honest.

Also, Quintana. She's one of the most fascinating characters ever. She really deserves all of the hate she gets and how everyone thinks she's crazy, but MM still redeems her and makes you empathize with her and understand the hurt she comes from.

And the ending? So perfect. Absolutely perfect. *Happy sigh*.

PLEASE read the Lumatere Chronicles if you love fantasy and awesome characters. The first book is Finnikin of the Rock, then Froi of the Exiles, then Quintana of Charyn. (Click the links to find them on Goodreads!)

You can find Melina Marchetta at her website here or on Twitter.

(P.S. Yes I realize I've now skipped K, L and P... I kind of ran out of steam, but I have a few more reviews to post before I'm done!)

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